28th January 2022


The most important thing we have is our body-mind; our being. We are the physical and mental embodiment of our lived experiences. This is so much more than our knowledge, achievements and successes because it is all these combined and more. We are clever, interesting and wise even though we may not know it.

Stone Cottage Blog is where I do my thinking and scribble down my ideas. My target audience (that’s something I’ve never considered before), are those people who are asking profound questions about the nature of reality and human existence – as well as people interested in thinking and writing. How can a person express the true wonder of existence? I want this website to look deep into the nature of our experience. There will be some superficial stuff too I’m sure 😉

Until recently I have been working on a PhD – Creative Writing – research project focusing on how we construct our lives using narrative. As part of the project I was writing a metafiction novel to explore how this process of narrative construction works. Understanding religion as narrative was the final element of my emerging personal philosophy. I stopped the PhD after several bereavements in my family and a sudden loss of motivation brought about by these deaths. The pandemic didn’t help either. My journey to understanding reality and human experience has not stopped. This website will enable me to share that journey.

A bit of history:

I have always been interested in religion and philosophy. In boyhood I lived on a farm in the South of England and encountered the natural world in all its glory. From the outset I could only imagine that this amazing world had been purposefully designed. I still believe that. As a young adult I joined the local Christian Church (Anglican). I attempted to become an Anglican vicar but that never worked out. After moving to the French Alps I started to attend a local Catholic Church. These years in the Alps shaped my spirituality. Christianity seemed to me to belong in the mountains. After returning to England to the area I now live – North Pennines – I reconnected with Anglicanism. Since I was a teenager I have been reading extensively on religion and philosophy. I began to formulate my own understanding of God and human existence.  When I was studying for my first degree in Religious Studies and Philosophy, I discovered Buddhism and found that much of my personal thinking about religion was contained in the Buddha’s teaching. Today, my spirituality has elements of both Christianity and Buddhism (as well as elements of Taoism, existentialism, post-structuralism and much more…). I no longer go to church on a regular basis. As a writer a lot of my work has had a spiritual dimension. Currently I am working on writing my philosophical ideas out for publication. This website will help me with that.


I am also going to try to create a YouTube channel to accompany this website. I know I have the videography skills required as that is my main hobby (along with photography), but I’m not sure I have the presentation skills needed for such an endeavour.

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