Last year I attended a weekend of mindfulness training at Samye Ling Monastery. It was, for sure, a wonderful and valuable few days. I continue to practice mindfulness as a Christian and use it as time spent in the presence of God. Nowadays, I find prayer a little noisy. I want my inner voice and thoughts to stop when I pray so that I can be with God and not with myself: I spend so much time in my own world, it’s sometimes great to take a break.

During the mindfulness weekend, a tutor suggested that the world was on the verge of a mindfulness revolution; that the discipline was set to change the world. I’m sure they said that about yoga or tai chi. Mindfulness practice is another tool in the toolbox of those who seek a more spiritual relationship with reality (as opposed to a purely material relationship). It will not change the world, although, having said that, for those who practice sincerely, it could change their world – or at least their way of perceiving it.

While I was at Samye Ling I recorded a little video which you can watch below – enjoy.


The sound quality on the raw video was not good so I have included a soundtrack. I have recently purchased a seperate sound recording system so future videos will include sound footage. Let me know what you think of the video as I am considering starting a YouTube Vlog as I really do enjoy making short films. Video is a great way of sharing ideas and experiences. Your feedback will be appreciated.

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