Here is a bit of Stone Cottage thinking.

Sometimes we find ourselves clinging to an idea as if our lives depended on it. Truth is such an idea. Truth, they say, is a rock. It seems to me though, that this particular rock has no anchor and, like everything else, it floats along with us, in the stream of experience unattached to any absolute. Clinging to it will not help us. Truth is a tool. We can build with it but need not bind ourselves to it.

One finds in Buddhism the reassurance that reality constantly changes; that life is a flowing stream of consciousness. Our lives may feel monolithic but they are not, according to Buddhism.

What this means is that we do not have to be weighed down by our memories, our old dreams, rare successes and frequent mistakes. God did not create a life to be chained to, but to be lived.

Ideas are such heavy things. Despite their unreality, they slow us down. Our thoughts need to be occupied with the objects of the moment: Today, that would be daffodils, crocuses, new-born lambs and migrating shore-birds.

Jesus said: I am the way, the truth and the life – heavy stuff. Maybe I prefer his Galilean Period when he said things like: Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. I picture him close to nature, sitting watching the fishermen on the lake, listening to the birds and eating home-baked bread. I see him talking to Romans and Gentiles, sinners and the righteous as equal to each other.

Life is at our fingertips, it is in what we see, hear, smell and taste. It is not inside neither is it outside. Both those things are abstract ideas which exist to support that moment of touch, that moment when our senses are driven to ecstasy as they encounter the world. And in that moment, we find the whole universe and we find God.

Everything else is decoration.

So, don’t cling to ideas. Truth is a useful tool but experience is better. We need to begin to trust in our innate abilities to live true and honest. I know that’s taking a risk but ultimately, it’ll be demanded of us.

Another thing: Truth has no opposite.


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